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Landsat scenes downlinked directly to the USGS EROS archive are available for download within 24 hours after acquisition.

Landsat 8 Acquisitions (2013 to present)

Landsat 8 collects up to 725 scenes per day, in accordance with the Long Term Acquisition Plan (LTAP-8). The LTAP directs the acquisition of Landsat 8 scenes, using parameters such as seasonality, land definition, historical cloud cover, gain settings, and sun angle.

NOTE: ​These files are incomplete, as they do not display all acquisitions collected by the Landsat 8 satellite each day. At the present time, nearly all land day-lit opportunities are scheduled for Landsat 8. All acquired data will become visible on EarthExplorer or GloVis within 24 hours of acquisition.

Important information about Landsat 8 acquisitions

Landsat 7 Acquisitions (1999 to present)

Landsat 7 collects over 400 scenes per day, in accordance with the Landsat 7 Long Term Acquisition Plan (LTAP-7). LTAP-7 directs the acquisition of Landsat 7 data, using parameters such as seasonality, land definition, historical cloud cover, gain settings, and sun angle.

Data acquired at International Ground Stations may be delayed in being added to the Global Archive at USGS EROS.

Important information about Landsat 7 acquisitions

Landsat Acquisitions Limited Due to Sun Angle
These maps show the areas of Earth that are imaged throughout the year, and also the areas of land that are not collected due to the sun angle.

Landsat 5 Acquisitions (1984 to 2012)

Landsat 5 acquisitions have ceased.

Important information about Landsat 5 acquisitions

USGS Landsat Global Archive

USGS Landsat Archive Collections per year, spacecraft, and sensor
View maps that show the number of scenes acquired by each satellite/sensor per year.


Landsat represents the world's longest continuously acquired collection of space-based moderate-resolution land remote sensing data. Four decades of imagery provides a unique resource for those who work in agriculture, geology, forestry, regional planning, education, mapping, and global change research. Landsat images are also invaluable for emergency response and disaster relief.


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Landsat Updates

The Landsat Update is an informal communication tool, prepared periodically and distributed electronically to USGS Landsat partners, to provide information about Landsat activities and related topics of interest.

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